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Sheila "Rusty" Templeman is the Chief Facilitator of Leadthrough.ca and a veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force. She is a middle and senior years school teacher as well as an instructor at two Canadian Colleges. While serving Canada in the Air Force she travelled Canada working with a diverse population of adults and at risk youths. She volunteered as the Commanding Officer of 176 Air Cadets in Winnipeg and helped grow that squadron from 30 to 190 cadets over three years. She spent 17 years working as a middle manager and adult instructor with the Air Force. 

She completed a Master of Public Administration degree through the Royal Military College of Canada, with a concentration in Human Resources and social psychology. Sheila is also a graduate from the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelors of Arts, majoring in psychology and a Bachelor of Education.  With her former leadership role with the Air Force, she was responsible for the training of 800 officers, from urban centres, rural towns and first nation reserves across a large portion of Canada, who in turn provided guidance and supervision to over 8000 young Canadians.

Inspiring and Empowering Others to Lead Through Change and Adversity